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Version: 4.3.1, Latest Update: Aug. 6, 2013

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What is Reverie?

Reverie Framework is an extremely versatile HTML5 WordPress framework based on ZURB's Foundation, a powerful tool for building prototypes on any kind of devices.

What about Features?

Reverie Framework inherits all the cool features from Foundation, and packs with several other interesting features to optimize the experience for WordPress and HTML5. Including customized output for WordPress menus, caption and pagination.

Mobile Devices?

Positive. With the power of Foundation, Reverie uses media query to adjust for all kinds of devices, including phones, tablets and computers. Reverie is also optimized for iPhone and iPad. Icons and loading images will be display when you save your website as a Home Screen app.

Reverie packed with some useful features to help you get started, let's take a look at some of them.

Clean and Simple

Reverie was built with minimalism in mind, staying away from feature bloat. The framework offers two widget ares and two custom menus by default.

Powered by HTML5

Built with HTML5 and hNews microformat to optimize structure and readability. Custom WordPress functions are used to output HTML5 tags.


Stylesheet was written with the power of CSS preprocessor to keep things clean and organized. You can choose to use Scss or vanilla CSS to create your theme.

Fully Responsive

Reverie is fully responsive and follows mobile first concept.

SEO Optimized

Reverie is optimized but not heavily for SEO purpose, and to achieve that, a separate plugin is highly recommended. See the recommended plugins section at the end of the page.

Child Theme

You can use Reverie as either a starter theme for your project, or as a parent theme to design your own child theme. Read more about how to achieve either.

The development of Reverie continues on Github. Here you can find some helpful links.

MIT License

Reverie Framework is under MIT License, the same as Foundation. You are most welcomed to keep the unobtrusive nofollow footer message to help us spread the world.


You can find support for customization of Reverie on our support forum. Also to get the most out of Reverie, make sure to read the docs of Foundation.


Reverie is an open source project and you can contribute on Github. Found a bug or have some advices, post them on the Github for tracking.

Based on Foundation

Reverie Framework is based on ZURB's Foundation, one of the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Reverie integrates firmly with Foundation with custom features. You can make easy upgrade to a newer Foundation through Compass.

It is extremely easy to create your blog, CMS, brochure and any other kind of sites with Reverie. You can see some samples on ZURB and how they make these prototypes.

Special Thanks

PressTrends Thanks to the generosity of George from PressTrends, Reverie Framework is using the service to track the usage of the framework and help us to improve it.

Submit Your Works

What's more? If you made a theme or site based on Reverie? Have something to say about how much you love Reverie? Give us a line about your works or testimonials and we will feature some of them here.

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