the Name…

Q: So why the name, 7SKY?

A: The name, 7SKY, was creatively inspired of course! Lenny can explain it further… ยป

Beyond the 7th sky
Written by: Lenny Kravitz/Craig Ross

Beyond the 7th SKY
There’s a room where we are with God
Beyond the sun and moon
Where the angels will be our guard
Where the weather doesn’t change
Everday is summer
As the sands are numbered
Instead of cannonball greyDo you think it’s kinda strange?
Or can we be lovers?
As the spirit covers our electrified rage

Hold me mama
And we’ll fly across the sea

Way beyond the moon and stars and sky
I’m talkin’ bout you and God and I

Now that the time is near
I’m ready I have no fear
I know you’re the one my dear
The stars will come out tonight
In time for our sacred flight
Together we’ll be for life
And I will burn in your flame

Kiss me baby
Take my hand and come with me

I’m talkin’ bout the moon and stars and sky
I’m talkin’ bout you and God and I
Let’s take it to the place where life was formed
And to the place where Jesus Christ was born

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