Q: What steps do you go through to create a website?
A: Every project is unique. Approach each project with an open slate/mind, while bringing past experiences and best practices to the table is the best approach. In addition to the obvious reason(s), there are multiple ‘web’ solutions to a singular problem/project and which one to use depends on project variables like budget, timeline, development environment/hosting platform and so on. Futher, web in general changes so fast that today’s solution(s) may be, and often are, better then yesterday’s in terms of function, compatibility and overall effectiveness. General steps involve gathering upfront data, needs and wants – to establish the scope and vision of your unique project. After the preliminary data and scope is received, a formal bid/proposal is created, itemizing services and associated costs so you’ll know exactly how 7SKY will accomplish your goals. The proposal will also serve as a working contract, laying out the phases of the project and production.

Q: Does design always come first?
A: Design rarely comes first. There is a saying you may be aware of, “Content is King!”, this is especially valid in all things web. A truly good website, social media campaign, or other interactive marketing peice will accommodate the content first, design second. Function over form. Making content fit into a design or template is generally a weak approach, ripe with headaches. Content also very important when it comes to accessibility (text readers, blog aggregates, social media, mobile devices, etc…) and essentially how useful your site will ultimately be to your visitors. Start with the content and define who the audience is – this will lead to the path of discovering how it needs to be delivered (front end) and also how the content will best be produced and managed (back end, content management, generated from (feeds), stored as (database) etc…). Other variables to consider include whether the content needs to be dynamic (changing, multi source/author) vs. static (unchanging) content. Multimedia, blogging, and eCommerce websites each warrant individual considerations.

Q: How much will it cost?
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