Adobe Coder Font – Open Source

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Adobe has released an open source Font called Source Code Pro. The font itself has a nice, »

Effective Meetings – 9 Rules to Consider

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Came across 9 novel ‘rules’ that allow ‘meeting’ and ‘effective’ to coexist in the same breath! Start »

JAVA is now on the “Naughty” list

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Nevermind the fact that many JAVA (not javascript) applications (pun intended) are slow, system resource »

Adobe CS2 Free Download

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There is a reason Adobe products are often described as industry standard tools, especially the creative suite, »

From Colorado to the World

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It has been over ½ of a year since putting down new roots in Fort Collins, CO. »

ecommerce, social media and cms

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been busy here, exploring new territory in the ecommerce world and continued progress in the social media »

good times

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listening to old jams, massivivid ala summa cum laude 1997/8 »